Remember that by closing your Oval account you are agreeing to us closing your digital savings account, which could be a hassle for you if you were to change your mind and would like to start using it again in the future.

For this reason, the first thing we suggest if you’ve decided to stop using Oval is to go through the following steps to interrupt all activity on your account:

  • Disable all your active Steps in the “Steps” card in “Your Overview” 
  • Disconnect all your accounts in the “Connected Accounts” section of your Profile
  • Pause the direct debit in the “Direct Debit Settings” section of your Profile 

Once you’ve done all three things, you can delete the app knowing that no more savings will be generated nor shifted into your digital savings account, but that if you decided to start using Oval again in the future, all you have to do is turn them all back on again instead of creating a new account all over again!

If you’d still rather close your account entirely, you can do this from your profile. Just go into Profile -> More Information -> Delete Account.

All savings and pending transactions will be returned to you 15 days from the deletion of your account. 

By deciding to delete your Oval Money account, you are agreeing to us closing your digital savings account, deleting your direct debit mandate, disconnecting all your connected cards and accounts and erasing all your login details. 

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