At Oval, we accumulate savings through the activation of saving rules we call Steps.

You can choose Steps to set aside savings based on your spending habits, on your social media habits, and choose a fixed weekly top-up as well!

You activate Steps by clicking on the relevant card amongst those suggested in the main screen of the app, and you can activate as many as you like!

To check which Steps you have active, click on the grey “steps” card, to the right of the green card, in the main screen of the app at any time.

To be able to save based on your spending habits, you need to connect at least one bank account or card to the app, so we can synchronise its transactions. Click here to see which ones we support. 

By activating your chosen Steps you will start accumulating savings. You can see how much you’re setting aside by checking the green “saving statistics” card in the home screen! Click on the card to see a breakdown of how each individual saving has been generated.

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