The purpose of any step is to take you closer to your goal.

Our Steps in Oval are no different. Through these Steps you get closer to financial independence and a better future.

Steps are commands that automatically assign a micro-transaction to a spending or behavioural habit.  

Steps automatically create a saving balance that will be moved into a personal and secure digital account.

Steps are set up by you and based on your personal preference and spending habits. 

For example, you can set up a "step" to save 10% on each time you go to a restaurant with your friends or 5% each time you receive deposit/ salary to your account.  

Or, you can decide to set aside your money each time you go for a jog 

That's way more fun than putting aside the same fixed amount every month, isn't it?
Our steps are there to help you save and accumulate money.

Let's walk together, starting from the first step ;)

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